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Innovating business creativity,
turning risk into opportunities.

Imagination explorers

Based in 22@Barcelona, the Innovation District of Poblenou.

Estruc24 is an R&D+I Consulting Agency that develops human-centered business solutions through the implementation of creativity, design and technology.

Powerful concepts thrive by themselves with the support of the community. This is why we provide clients with market-oriented, high-quality, creative solutions and tailor them in such a way that they’ll spark people’s interest and make long-lasting impressions.

Change is a constant.

Nowadays, technological advances and the desire for beauty reshape the way people act. We must be aware of the rapidness of the changes coming our way, and redefine how we interact with our environment. Positive impacts must be followed by empathy, and in Estruc24 we focus on developing solutions with a conscience.

During the past 12 years, we’ve gained trust of more than 100 clients from 20 countries around the world. We believe that diversity is key for a deep understanding of the wide context of today’s challenges. In order to transform ideas into innovations, a unique team of specialists is selected for each project. We have an interdisciplinary team that cooperates with various organizations and independent authorities related to innovation, technology, design and media.


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